What a nice airport we have

What a nice airport we have

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What a nice airport we have

Gibnews has now been running for six years, in that time there have been few editorials as our policy is to publish stories as received.

However last week the editor passed through the new airport as a passenger the day it fully opened. Of course Gibnews was there for the original opening and for a number of special events, including the Royal Visit. However as a passenger, one can hardly fail to be impressed.

The old terminal was small, some said ‘third world’ and after an hour or so the seats were most uncomfortable. Plus when one was shown the door there was the bus to the aircraft with more delays. That has changed.

Sadly the terminal has become a political football, and it has become a matter of faith depending which party one supports to criticise it or praise it. we doubt any of the passengers who used it so far had a bad word to say for it and we, the users, think its great.

On the Spanish side, nothing has happened. After all there are no flights from Madrid and no money either.

Its always nice to own something really nice, and with the airport we have that – and it works. When Europort was built it was thought that it would be filled by financial services companies, but that never happened and it seemed a white elephant. Then the gaming companies came and took up every bit of space. In the future we will look at the airport and wonder what all the fuss and ‘ping pong’ press releases were about.

We have an airport, it is good, and we will all benefit from it.

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What a nice airport we have

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