The GSD condemns latest attempt to denigrate Luis Montiel

The GSD condemns latest attempt to denigrate Luis Montiel

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The GSD condemns latest attempt to denigrate Luis Montiel

The GSD is appalled by the two statements issued yesterday by the Government against former GSD Minister for Employment Luis Montiel. The first was simply a spiteful attempt by No 6 Convent place to denigrate Mr. Montiel by making references to his lack of qualifications, work ethic and age. The second contained a false allegation that Mr. Montiel had somehow abused his position as a Government Minister because he intimated the desire to join the Civil Service upon his reinstatement to the GDC

The facts are that the policy of the GSD Government was to transfer all GDC employees to the Civil Service under well known ring fencing arrangements, and all GDC employees were sent letters in October of last year asking them to agree to that transfer.

The incoming GSLP Government chose to honour the transfer of anyone who had chosen to transfer to the Civil Service and gave anyone who had chosen to remain within the GDC an opportunity to either remain with the GDC or move to the Civil Service.

Mr. Montiel did nothing more than indicate that he wished to be reinstated to the GDC but transfer to the Civil Service, which was the choice given to all GDC employees. Senior Officials within Human Resources and the current Chief Secretary confirmed he could start work on 12 December. If he had been reinstated at that time he would have had exactly the same choice as all GDC employees. Instead, the Government has tried, by hook or by crook, to prevent his reinstatement to the GDC and delayed it until after the period had expired for GDC employees to be able transfer to the Civil Service. The only abuse of power is on the part of the Government in the appalling way they have treated their one time political opponent out of pure spite and a desire to castigate him for his political allegiances. And this coming from a Government that professes to uphold democratic values and Parliamentary Democracy.

That spite and character assassination is evident in the first Press Release issued by No. 6 Convent Place on the subject which was published by the Vox online newspaper and Your Gibraltar TV which questioned his work ethic, claimed that his treatment was somehow justified because he had no relevant O’levels and that he is over 65 years old. Even if it were relevant, which it isn’t, Mr. Montiel has relevant qualifications, has just turned 60, was entitled to reinstatement to the GDC in December and, therefore, to the same treatment that all other GDC employees received and is standing up against an abusive Government and for his rights.

Finally, anyone can see that in this context reinstating Mr Montiel to Grade 4 but asking him to perform the functions of a receptionist until further notice when the Government has had seven months to find him a post commensurate with his grade is designed to humiliate a one time political opponent and that is not right.

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The GSD condemns latest attempt to denigrate Luis Montiel

attempt condemns denigrate latest Luis Montiel

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