Playing the man

Playing the man

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Playing the man

Minister Costa’s latest attack against Damon Bossino, Opposition spokesman for Tourism shows that he only seeks to camouflage the root criticism which is that his party has misled public opinion on the issue of flight connections to the UK.

The GSD stands by its original statement which is that denigration and criticism of the new air terminal by the GSLP involved a false portrayal of a poor record of UK flight connections under the GSD. The GSLP’s central argument at the last budget session in Parliament before the election was to paint a bleak picture of flight connections and passenger arrivals against the backdrop of the new air terminal. They are now in effect admitting that nothing could have been further from the truth.

It is in this context that we criticised the GSLP. They now choose to forget all of their negative mud-slinging and proclaim, with justified pride, that Gibraltar is benefitting from unprecedented access from the UK. “It is this inherent hypocrisy which the GSD exposed, much to Mr. Costa’s discomfort and chagrin. It is clear that it is this fact which the Government is uncomfortable with. Mr. Costa, as with other issues where the Opposition has questioned his performance, wants to confuse the issue by putting words I have not uttered into my mouth” said Damon Bossino.

The excitement in welcoming the new carrier to Gibraltar may have got the better of the Minister when he made the statement about Gibraltar having unprecedented access from the UK. In the midst of the fanfare he must have forgotten that he was in the process being highly complimentary of the GSD and contradictory of his party’s political position whilst in Opposition. The GSD too will make allowances for his inexperience but he should at least acknowledge the political effect of what his statements meant.

Damon Bossino said:

“Once again the GSLP’s instinctive attack on the messenger instead of dealing with the issue belies any hope that their mindset and manner of doing things has changed. This attitude also runs counter to the Chief Minister’s promise of playing the ball and not the man.”

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Playing the man


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