New Government set to tackle serious housing shortage

New Government set to tackle serious housing shortage

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New Government set to tackle serious housing shortage

Over 130 Government flats which the previous administration had allowed to lie empty for months, or even years, are being refurbished for allocation in a major coordinated drive designed to help those people most in need. The new Government is therefore set to alleviate the severe housing shortage inherited from the previous administration.

It is inexplicable that even though there were over a thousand people waiting for a flat, the previous Government allowed nearly 200 flats to lie empty.

It is important to recall that the GSLP/Liberal Government inherited a housing waiting list with 1415 applicants as on the 9th December 2011 after the general election. This figure was broken down into 962 persons on the main list and 453 on the pre-list.

The Government would like to provide a home for everyone on the waiting list by tomorrow; however, this is simply not possible because there are not enough houses to go round.

The root of the problem lies in the fact that the GSD Government did not build enough flats in the sixteen years they were in office. Even though they inherited a housing waiting list of only a couple of hundred people, the reality is that they failed to plan properly for future demand and that for many years the housing market at the lower end of the scale was completely neglected. This explains why the housing waiting list has grown to this level.

Commenting on the matter, Minister for Housing Charles Bruzon said:

“The GSLP/Liberal Government has a manifesto commitment to house everyone on the housing waiting list in this term of office. This will be tackled when the new housing developments that we have in the pipeline have been completed.

A number of plots of land have already been identified where the new housing could be constructed and the Government is also in discussion with a number of private developers in order to facilitate the construction of homes on privately held plots of land.

The housing schemes will include blocks of flats constructed especially for elderly residents similar to Bishop Canilla House and Albert Risso House. The problem, and I very much regret it, is that until there is more supply of houses, we will not be able to meet the demand that we inherited.”

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New Government set to tackle serious housing shortage

Government housing serious shortage tackle

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