GSD wishes All a Happy National Day

GSD wishes All a Happy National Day

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GSD wishes All a Happy National Day

The GSD Opposition has today wished the people of Gibraltar a happy National Day which a spokesman said should principally be an opportunity to come together as a community to celebrate all that is good about our country and to honour the memory of past generations without whose sacrifices we would not enjoy the very high quality of life we enjoy to-day.

The GSD has reiterated its long standing position that, with the referendum on the New Constitution, Gibraltar has exercised its right to self determination in favour of the modern non colonial relationship with the United Kingdom that the new Constitution gave us, and that we must avoid allowing the position and attitudes of others outside Gibraltar towards us (which we reject) to dictate how we do things here in Gibraltar.

A spokesman said: “Among the things we in Gibraltar do well as a community is to defend and uphold our political rights and aspirations as a people. It is right and necessary to do so. But, equally we must project normality. The more that our National Day celebrations resemble the normal way that other countries do it, the more Gibraltar will seem to others to be a normal country, and thus the more the position of others towards us will look abnormal. In our judgement, both in Government and now in Opposition, the continuation of the political rally in its old format risks condemning Gibraltar to a state of perpetual, defensive re-vindication, and thus gives credence to the theory of others that there is a problem that needs solving.

Indeed, over the last few years the format of our National Day has been much more typical of the European norm whilst at the same time declaring our solidarity with and our determination to defend and uphold our political rights and aspirations as a people, including the sovereignty of our country. The GSD will continue, with the rest of Gibraltar to defend those political rights and aspirations as we have done for over 20 years.

This is why the GSD Government changed the format of the official National Day celebrations and why we oppose the reintroduction of the old format, which we do not think is in Gibraltar’s best interests. Accordingly, GSD Members of Parliament will attend other civic National Day events organised by the Government, but will not attend the SDGG political rally in Casemates or their reception.

Have a wonderful National Day, and celebrate our country and its achievements with your family and friends in whatever way you believe best expresses them.

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GSD wishes All a Happy National Day

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