GSD Now Support a Park they Never Delivered

GSD Now Support a Park they Never Delivered

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GSD Now Support a Park they Never Delivered

The Opposition are clearly concerned about the massive support there is for the Government’s excellent plans for Commonwealth Park. As a result, they are clutching at straws in the hope of confusing the public about all the many benefits the park has to offer.

At the GSD’s headquarters at College Lane, where everyone seems to have turned 180 degrees on most issues, the Opposition must have a special department which presses for the delivery of projects which it never considered or supported whilst it was in power!

The fact of the matter is that the GSD had 16 years in which to plan and deliver a green area in the centre of our city and yet they did not do so. In this term of office, the GSLP/Liberals have a manifesto commitment to deliver a splendid park which will be provided in the area of the present Commonwealth Car Park.

As part of the manifesto commitment, the Government has pledged to re-provide double the number of car parking spaces underground or in an alternative location, free for local residents. The Government has now been approached to re-provide these parking spaces in alternative locations at a lower cost than in an underground facility. As guardians of the public purse, we are duty bound to ensure that we deliver our manifesto commitments in the most cost efficient manner possible and are therefore in the process of doing so.

Minister for the Environment, John Cortes, said: “As with so many projects in our manifesto that the GSD never thought of in their time in Government, they are now doing U-turns all the time by pressing us to deliver Commonwealth Park although they would not have delivered it themselves.

There is one thing, however, on which the GSD have shown that they are consistent, and Mr Figueras seems to be as much a part of that philosophy as everyone else in his party, and that is that the GSD have a dangerous “money no object” approach to developments, which is what saddled Gibraltar with the £100m of Government company borrowing that was not repaid and with an airport that grew in cost from £24m to close on £80m. We will deliver Commonwealth Park and double the car parking spaces free for residents as we promised we would. When we do, entirely in keeping with our manifesto commitment, perhaps Mr Figueras will then have the grace to perform a political pirouette and congratulate the GSLP/Liberal Government for a job well done. I doubt he will.”

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GSD Now Support a Park they Never Delivered

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