GSD Asks Bossano to Calm Down

GSD Asks Bossano to Calm Down

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GSD Asks Bossano to Calm Down

The GSD Opposition notes the extraordinary and intemperate party political broadcast on GBC by the Minister for Employment, Mr. Bossano, on the 5 December 2012. His shouting at the television during the broadcast, peppered with rants that Feetham is no longer part of “my family”, would not be out of place in Francis Ford Coppola’s movie ‘The Godfather’ and it certainly has no place in a modern democracy. It is one of the best adverts of why we believe people will turn their backs on the GSLP at the next election.

We therefore invite the GSLP to upload the broadcast onto the internet so that people can watch it.

Mr. Bossano should calm down and respond responsibly to the criticisms we have made of his party’s policies in the field of employment, which (amongst others) are as follows:

(1) misleading the public at the election by promising young people who signed up to the Future Job Strategy Scheme a guaranteed job in a Government owned company when there is no such guarantee;

(2) misleading the public at the election by promising that all existing trainees, the unemployed, those on sheltered, supply and casual employment (some 1,100 people), would be allowed onto the Future Job Strategy when only half that number have been allowed onto the scheme;

(3) allowing unemployment to increase when he incessantly criticized the previous administration over the unemployment rate at the time – particularly since the GSLP promised that anyone who was unemployed would be allowed onto the Future Job Strategy scheme;

(4) not allowing people who are already employed fair access to the job vacancies;

(5) interfering with who employers can or cannot employ – particularly in vital sectors such as gaming;

(6) reversing the decision of a selection Board in respect of the 4 Information Officers in the Tourist Board;

(7) dumbing down the entrance requirements to the public service in order to compensate for his rapidly failing employment policies;

(8) the appalling way he has treated his one time political opponent, Luis Montiel, and others (including lifelong Trade Unionists) who did not see eye to eye with him who he believed should have been part of his “political family” and had turned their backs on him;

(9) refusing to provide the names of companies in the construction sector who have the benefit of government contracts and subsidised labour from the Future Job Strategy;

(10) the way he has treated GDC employees in respect of their grievances, and who through their lawyers and union wrote to him earlier on in the year stating they felt they had been forced to make choices under “duress” and in a climate of “uncertainty, distrust and fear”.

Daniel Feetham said: “My job as Deputy Leader of the GSD Opposition is to ask searching questions of the Government and helping to ensure there is good governance in Gibraltar by holding the Government to account. I shall continue to do exactly that.”

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GSD Asks Bossano to Calm Down

Asks Bossano Calm Down

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