Government follows parliaments rules

Government follows parliaments rules

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Government follows parliaments rules

The Opposition has criticised Government for failing to provide ‘meaningful answers’ to parliamentary questions. It is strange that the Opposition are unaware of the Parliamentary rule that prevent a Government from giving a detailed answer if such details are already in the public domain. In short, the Government is merely complying with the rules of Parliament – whether the Opposition likes those rules or not.

Of course, it may be that the Opposition do not like the facts that are already in the public domain and hope that, by asking further questions, these facts might change!

The Government continues to answer all of the questions put to it by the Opposition. Indeed, its answers are more comprehensive and detailed than was ever the case during the previous administration.

‘I am not aware that the Chief Minister has made any “personal attacks” on Members of the Opposition,’ added the Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Joseph Garcia. ‘But I am pleased to hear that the Opposition welcome the fact that, under this Government, there are more sessions of Parliament. If they are so keen on more information being provided to Parliament, why did they not increase the number of sessions when they had the chance?’

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Government follows parliaments rules

follows Government parliaments rules

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