Government Adopts Character Assassination Tactics to Smokescreen their Errors

Government Adopts Character Assassination Tactics to Smokescreen their Errors

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Government Adopts Character Assassination Tactics to Smokescreen their Errors

It is regrettable, but not surprising, that the now established response from Government to Opposition statements is to use character assassination tactics as a form of diverting attention from the Government’s deliberate plan to provide misleading information. This is again what they have tried to do with their Monckton jibes against Mr. Netto, in response to legitimate criticisms that the Government misled the attendees at the recent Health & Safety Seminar.

Was it not Mr. Picardo, in his very first speech in Parliament, as Chief Minister, who said his Government would play the ball and not the man?

The Opposition, however, will not be distracted by these tactics. The fact remains that both the statement made by the Chief Minister that the Government has doubled the number of Factories Inspectors since it came to office, and the statement made by the Minister for Health & Safety that ‘for the first time ever, the Factories Inspectors were giving advice’ to employers, is not true.

The Government got caught out, and it simply lashes out to hide their untruths.

It is not the first time Mr. Balban appears confused when he talks on the subject. This is exemplified vividly by the Minister’s inability to provide coherent answers to separate questions in Parliament about the number of monthly inspections on the one hand and the number of monthly site meetings and advice given on the other by Factories Inspectors.

Despite the fact that the information requested was provided by the Minister for the months of January and February, the Minister then inexplicably decided he couldn’t do so in subsequent months because he said the system did not distinguish between inspections and site meetings/advice and that the GSD Government had not provided a replacement to the software programme used.

Unfortunately, the Minister is incapable of comprehending that if the system left in place by the GSD when the new Government took over in December, was capable of providing the data for January and February, it must have been capable of providing the data for March onwards.

It’s the same system after all. The irony is that to extract the information, all that is needed is to pass the figures from the Inspectors’ log book to a spreadsheet. Every session, the poor Minister undertakes to go back to officials and find out why the information was available initially but not subsequently; every session he is then at a loss to provide a coherent explanation.

Perhaps the Minister is unwilling to provide the information as has become the habit with his colleagues when they refuse to provide the cost of the cladding to Laguna, Moorish Castle and Glacis Estates or the cost of Commonwealth Park and the Al Gore Conference or the identity of companies in the construction sector who have the benefit of contracts with the Government and are having their labour subsidised at the same time. Or perhaps the reason is much simpler and the unfortunate Minister is simply not up to it.

As far as Health & Safety in general is concerned, no new Government initiatives have taken place, whatever spin the Government puts on this.

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Government Adopts Character Assassination Tactics to Smokescreen their Errors

Adopts Assassination Character Errors Government Smokescreen Tactics

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