Gibraltar Team for Fishing Commission

Gibraltar Team for Fishing Commission

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Gibraltar Team for Fishing Commission

The Government has named its team of five to form part of the joint working group with the Spanish fishing team. It consists of a combination of Gibraltar- based experience and international expertise.

The team consists of:

Chris Tydeman – international wildlife expert

Indrani Lutchman – international fisheries expert

Alfred Vasquez – GFSA

Eric Shaw – GONHS Marine Section

Stephen Warr – Environment Officer, Department of the Environment

Biographcial notes of the UK-based team members follow:

Dr Chris Tydeman

Chris Tydeman is Chairman of the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum. He was Chair of Trustees of the Herpetological Conservation Trust until 2009 when it morphed into Amphibian and Reptile Conservation and became its Treasurer. He is an independent consultant dealing with both environment and development issues, specialising particularly in recent years in wetlands management, water supply and sanitation, biodiversity strategies and climate change. He established the WWF international marine programme, including the fisheries component, and was on the management boards of the first two marine reserves in the UK and so has experience with both marine protected areas and fisheries

He left WWF-UK as Chief Scientist, having spent 23 spent years there, with secondments to the WWF European Programme and WWF International, before becoming a consultant in 2001. At WWF he was responsible for the UK Conservation Programme, which included providing financial and staff support to the UKOTCF, as well as Programmes on Freshwater, Marine and Toxic Chemicals.

Chris has extensive policy experience at national, European and international levels with government, intergovernmental organisations and NGOs and has held a number of representative positions. These include being on the UK Secretary of State’s Advisory Committee for the Convention on Biological Diversity; UK Government advisory groups on otters and coastal management; both the Standing Committee and the Scientific and Technical Review Panel of the Convention on Wetlands (Ramsar Convention); acting as Northern co- chair of the UN Freshwater Caucus and representing NGOs at the World Water Forum in the Hague in 2000, including at the Senior Officials meetings; as head of the WWF delegation at a number of international and intergovernmental meetings including the North Sea Ministerial Conference; on the Standing Committee of European Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats; and as chair of numerous NGO bodies. He is currently a member of the EU Water Initiative Coordination Group and a number of its working groups and as a consultant is implementing the EUWI Communications Strategy. Recent assignments have included work for major ngos in the development sector such as Water Aid, Tearfund and Oxfam as well as international conservation ngos such as Birdlife, WWF, Wetlands International and Conservation International. He is Senior Councillor for APCO Worldwide, a global public affairs company, providing advice on Corporate and Social Responsibility mainly on environmental issues.

Indrani Lutchman

Indrani Lutchman specializes in fisheries, fisheries management and implementation of multilateral environmental agreements.

Indrani joined the Institute for European Environmental Policy in 2005 and is a fisheries biologist by training. She has over 14 years of experience in the areas of fisheries and environmental policy at a UK, European and international level. Indrani has a wealth of experience of the CFP, having designed, executed and commissioned several projects related to the mid- term review of the CFP in 1992 and the 2002 review. Her work on fisheries has specifically focused on the use of ecosystem-based approaches to fisheries management, MPAs as a tool for fisheries conservation, and other non-traditional approaches such as CITES to support fisheries management. She was one of the first fisheries inspectors around South Georgia and has contributed to a wide range of scientific symposiums and political consultations on European fisheries and environmental issues. Most recently she has been involved in projects focussing on regional and national implementation of international multilateral environmental agreements on fisheries and biodiversity.

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Gibraltar Team for Fishing Commission

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