GIBRALTAR: Students blast principal with water balloons — with his permission

GIBRALTAR: Students blast principal with water balloons — with his permission

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Prepared to take on all water balloons in full protective gear is Parsons Elementary School Principal Scott Wagner. Students at the school raised more than $20,000 in a fundraiser and Wagner agreed to let them throw the water balloons at him if they exceeded their goal of $12,000.

Dodging a water balloon in the nick of time is Scott Wagner, principal of Parsons Elementary School. He allowed the students to toss water balloons at him after a recent school fundraiser turned out to be much more successful than anticipated.

Taking aim at Parsons Elementary School Principal Scott Wagner are elementary students who took part in a school fundraiser sponsored by the Parent/Teacher Organization. All students had a chance to throw a water balloon at Wagner as a reward for raising more than $20,000 in a fundraiser for the school. Photos courtesy of Parsons Elementary School

GIBRALTAR — Hundreds of students recently took a shot at Parsons Elementary School Principal Scott Wagner, but rest assured, it was all in fun.

The principal, protected behind a football helmet, a baseball catcher’s chest protector, a hockey stick and sunglasses, allowed himself to be a target for students armed with water balloons.

Wagner actually was rewarding the students for their diligent efforts in a fundraiser for the school. Students went out and got pledges prior to taking part in a fun run at Parsons.

They were able to exercise their social media skills by taking pledges online while promoting healthy habits.

The goal for the more than 400 students was to raise $12,000. Each student had a personal goal as well. Wagner made the students a promise as an added incentive to raise as much as possible.

He said if they reached their goal of $12,000, each would be given a water balloon and they had his permission to take their best shots at him.

Wagner underestimated the fundraising efforts of the students by a long shot.

When all was said and done, they actually raised more than $20,000. The fundraiser, which was entirely coordinated by the school’s Parent/Teacher Organization, was a much larger success story than anyone had anticipated.

Wagner believes the students might have been fueled by the chance to toss a water balloon at him. He said he actually was taunted by a few students who put him on notice that they were gunning for him.

“They antagonized me for weeks,” Wagner said, acknowledging their intention to do everything possible to have a chance to throw a water balloon at him. “They had a blast.” Continued…

The principal’s bring-it-on attitude kept the challenge going strong.

Records showed that of the participating students, 68 exceeded their personal goals. As a reward to those students, Wagner gave in and allowed all fifth-graders to get another balloon and take another shot at him.

Despite the fact that using the principal as target practice is over, Wagner still is being picked on by them.

He said they continue to get their little jabs in at him, saying things like, “I told you I would nail you with a balloon,” and asking him sarcastic questions like, “Have you dried off yet?”

The money raised will go toward school-related projects or events. The school hosts skating outings for students, family fun nights, purchases books for classrooms, orders buses for field trips and much more through the efforts of the PTO.

Christy Brinkley is the president of the PTO and Cathy Rowe was chairwoman of the fundraising event.

Wagner said the kids worked extremely hard and it was refreshing for them to see adults in the school “be a little silly.”

“If you work in an elementary school, you can’t be too cool for anything,” he said.

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GIBRALTAR: Students blast principal with water balloons — with his permission

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