First Government project presented to the DPC

First Government project presented to the DPC

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First Government project presented to the DPC

The first Government project to be tabled before the Development and Planning Commission (DPC) for many years was put forward at the last meeting. The project is a children’s playground at Moorish Castle Estate which was promised to the residents of the area during the general election campaign.

This is to replace an old playground at the same location. There was no issue raised by the members of the Commission other than a report of a tree assessment which had been carried out and showed that the tree in question was dead.

It will be recalled that the position under the previous Government was that Government projects did not go before the Development and Planning Commission at all. The new Government has now commenced a process whereby its own projects are put to the Commission for guidance and advice at this stage. In the next stage, Government projects will be subject to the planning process in full.

In the three meetings of the DPC that have been held in public since the new Government came into office, already several individuals and companies have come forward to give presentations about their projects to the Commission. There have also been objectors who have come forward to state their case against an application, in the same way as applicants have been given the opportunity to respond. Indeed, at times the presence of architects or designers listening to Commission meetings has enabled its members to clarify a particular point on the spot, when this alone would previously have taken weeks and been done by correspondence.

Commenting on the matter, the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia said:

“All this represents a revolution in open planning and in citizen participation. This is part of the policy of the new Government to improve the service of the administration to the citizen and to make the process more transparent and more rapid.”

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First Government project presented to the DPC

First Government presented project

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