Disability Movement Puts Things Right

Disability Movement Puts Things Right


Disability Movement Puts Things Right

The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement on the day on International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the movement has come out strongly on disability issues.

On International Day of Persons with Disabilities the movement emphasizes that it is sadden the way political party or parties has used this day as a political party smash-up.

Although the day should have been observed with the theme “Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all” it seems when it comes down to political parties damaging others, seems to feel better.

Activist groups around the world use a day like this one to promote issues and also highlight them and the GLDM in this day wishes to add what it thinks is, what is right.

A lot of wrong doings may have been done by past Governments, but the worst wrong doings that can be done by any Government is knowing something is wrong and not doing anything about it.

The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement concurs with Samantha Sacramento, Minister for Equality and Social Services when she added on her press statement that not enough was done by the previous administration. And it is simple to see which they were, many times the disability movement have advocated that changes were needed in many areas some of them being an improved system with forward thinking in a significant evolution in the provision and also policy for people with disabilities. The issue of the proposed new Crimes Act (programmed for 2010) by the then Minister for Justice Daniel Feetham in the wording “imbeciles, idiots and defectives” was, and still is seen highly offensive to people who have cognitive disabilities. The change in the justice system concerning the law which many with disabilities were hoping to see in a GSD government was the ablation and removal of the fact that the law that stands determines that a person can only be considered disabled by virtue of birth, which never was rectified. With regards to disabled allowances it was not in-line with the cost of living for all its years in government where the cost of living was going up. To end, but not to say on other things, one can’t forget the calling for a public enquiry into the Social services Agency on allegations of mismanagement, misconduct and malpractice, including alleged abuse at Dr Giraldi Home, which many thought a public enquiry should have been forthcoming.

Comments by the GSD party on a Disability Action Plan towards Government Minister Samantha Sacramento is in a way unfounded when in October 30th 2007 the Gibraltar Local Disability Movement attended a meeting with the then Minister James Joseph Netto. The GLDM handed over to the then Minister, A Disability Action Plan pack, this pack was done by GLDM which had taken 9 months to do with the hope it will help the ministry in making the service better not only for the ministry, but all whom use the service. According to the then minister he told us that he will study the plan and will call upon us to further discuss in greater details relating to this, but sadly he was not forthcoming. Also a Disability Action Plan pack was giving to all political parties.

The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement although in spite of criticizing the GSD it will also do the same with the GSLP or any other political parties if need be, by keeping a watchful eye on them as it only seeks to improve the lives of disabled people and members in their family.

On this occasion in the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the Gibraltar Local Disability Movement whishes that it provides an opportunity to all NGO’s to address exclusion by focusing on promoting accessibility and removing all types of barriers in society.

The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement
“Our Success Is A function Of Determination And Ability”

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Disability Movement Puts Things Right

Disability Movement puts Right Things

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