Campaign against dog fouling

Campaign against dog fouling

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Campaign against dog fouling

Have you ever stepped in dog faeces? If the answer is yes, you will probably agree that it is smelly and very difficult to remove from shoes. Dog faeces are not only unpleasant but are also potentially harmful.

The problem

In health terms, dog faeces can contain a parasitic worm called Toxocara, which if transferred to humans can cause an illness called Toxocariasis. Toxocariasis can take an ocular form which means that the worm larva becomes trapped in the eye which can cause visual impairment and possible blindness.

It is thought that young children are at a higher risk of developing Toxocariasis, as they are more likely to come into contact with soil or sand that contains faeces (for example when they are playing in a playground, park or on a beach).

The message

Most dog owners are very responsible and do pick up after their pets, but a small group of people choose to ignore the rules. Dog owners are encouraged to bag their dog’s mess and get rid of it safely. For those who continue to ignore the rules, a Fixed Penalty Notice may be issued by any authorised officer of the Environmental Agency or a Police Officer.

Often dog fouling is caused by people not watching their dog and not realising that it has fouled. If you own a dog, you are responsible for it, whether it’s on or off the lead. Be aware of where your dog is and what it’s doing at all times. Remember that dogs don’t get fined for fouling but owners can get fined for not picking it up and getting rid of it properly.

Bag it, bin it or pay the price!

The Fixed Penalty Notice charge for dog fouling in Gibraltar is £150. Get involved You can help to take a stand against dog fouling in Gibraltar by reporting offences to the Environmental Agency or the Police. Information provided will be treated in confidence.

When reporting an offence of dog fouling, think about the following:

• Do you know of a dog owner who never or hardly ever picks up after their pet?

• Do they usually walk the dog at a certain time during the day?

• What times are the offences being committed?

• Where are the offences being committed?

• What does the dog look like?

• What does the owner look like?

• If the dog owner is using a car, what is the registration number?

Dog fouling can be tackled by the whole community working together. Some dog owners think that they can get away with not picking up after their pet, but as more and more people come forward to report dog fouling offences, irresponsible dog owners may start to think twice about their actions.

Top tips

• Bag your pet’s faeces and take it home for disposal.

• If you are not near your home, pick up any mess and seal it well using a bag which can then be carefully placed in a standard public litter bin.

• Love dogs? Hate dog fouling? If you know of someone who persistently fails to pick up after their pet, report them in confidence by calling the Environmental Agency on 20070620 or the Royal Gibraltar Police on 20072500.

Prohibited areas

• In addition to the above restrictions on dog fouling, there are areas where dogs are prohibited at all times under the requirements of the Recreation Grounds Rules 1961 (as amended) and the Seashore Rules 2004.

These are:

• All beaches, namely Camp Bay, Catalan bay, Eastern Beach, Little Bay, Sandy Bay and Western Beach
• The Alameda Gardens
• The adventure playground off Winston Churchill Avenue
• Rosia Saluting Battery Promenade
• Garden opposite the western entrance to the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
• Sir Herbert Miles Promenade
• Line Wall War Memorial Promenade
• The children’s playground at Camp Bay
• The children’s playground at the southern end of Eastern Beach
• The Piazza at John Mackintosh Square
• The paved north section of Governor’s Parade
• The raised promenade being part of Alameda Estate situated on the east side of Rosia Road and bounded on the north and south sides by Rosia Road and on the east side by Alameda Estate
• The raised piece of land being part of the right flank of South Bastion situated on the west side of Line Wall Road opposite the John Mackintosh Hall and bounded on the north side by Wellington front
• The children’s playground adjacent to Key House in the Moorish Castle Estate
• Flower beds and other planted areas adjacent to the public highway and in other public places

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Campaign against dog fouling

against campaign fouling

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