Bringing discredit to Parliament

Bringing discredit to Parliament

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Bringing discredit to Parliament

Referring to the meeting of Parliament on Wednesday 14th March, a GSD spokesman stated that even against the background of the heated exchanges at Question Time, the Honourable Mr Bossano’s challenge to Opposition Member Daniel Feetham to a ‘mano a mano’ fisticuffs “in the ante-chamber” (i.e. within the precincts of Parliament) can only be seen as threatening physical confrontation against another Member of the House and should be universally condemned.

To boot it is not the first time that Mr Bossano made such remarks within the Legislature.

The danger of Mr Bossano not being called to account for his ‘outburst’ is that unchecked it might be passed off as a characteristic display of temper, when in fact it is a serious breach of the parliamentary rules, in a different league from the most heated of exchanges and sets the wrong kind of example to people following parliamentary proceedings.

The GSD calls on Mr Bossano to apologise for his behaviour, and failing that, that the Chief Minister and Leader of the House should publicly dissociate himself and his Party from the Minister’s threat. Any less would be to condone an unacceptable outburst, which brings discredit to Parliament.

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Bringing discredit to Parliament

Bringing discredit Parliament

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