Al Gore’s Climate exaggerations

Al Gore’s Climate exaggerations

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Al Gore’s Climate exaggerations

Against the backdrop of the Government of Gibraltar having spent an undisclosed sum estimated to be over £150,000 to bring failed US presidential candidate Al Gore as the keynote speaker at the ‘Thinking Green’ presentation this Sunday, a local businessman has invited Lord Monckton to the Rock to present an alternative view.

Lord Monckton who comments on climate change as a science expert and sceptic of the ‘doom and gloom’ scenario painted by Gore yesterday said the Gibraltar Government should not be paying sizeable amounts of money for “just one side” of the environmental debate.

At a press conference at the Eliott Hotel he spoke for an hour and half without a single note, and seemed to hold the attention of the audience. He reiterated his scathing criticisms of Al Gore and repeated his challenge first delivered in 2007, for a public debate.

In his first ever visit to the Rock, Lord Monckton who has travelled the world probing, inquiring and asking uncomfortable, if not inconvenient questions regarding the claims by the world environmental lobby, declared that he would be closely following every word that Mr Gore utters in his seminar and that if there was any claim that could be interpreted as being fraudulent, he would be compiling a report for the relevant prosecuting authorities to consider. The Gibraltar media are specifically banned from recording anything Al Gore says in his presentation.

Lord Monckton repeatedly points out global warming is being promoted as ‘a scare’ way beyond what the science establishes and those doing so are in his opinion guilty of criminal fraud.

He points to a court ruling in the UK which established that several things refered to in Al Gores film ‘an inconvenient Truth’ were in fact lies without any scientific basis.

He said that although there is long term global warming, recent official statistics show none has occurred for the last 15 years, and that the huge amount of money being spent on so called ‘Green projects’ could be better utilised.

Lord Moncton will be giving a presentation open to the public at the Elliot Hotel on Monday at 7pm. There is no charge for entry

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Al Gore’s Climate exaggerations

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